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Life Before Baby Learning Experiences

OurLife Before Baby Experiences enable grown-ups to feel empowered and confident about birth, knowing how the body works in labour and knowing rights and choices, alongside techniques for birth. Helping to reduce the fear and anxieties that women and their partners can feel at the thought of giving birth, the sessions will give you a much deeper understanding of the changes that take place in labour, helping to empower you and your birth partners during the time leading up to birth.

Sessions will include::

  •  Body Confidence
  • Birth Confidence
  • Life with Baby Preparation

Life With Baby Learning Experiences

Our Life With Baby Learning Experiences offer the following support for grown-ups and their newborns: 

  •  Sleep Confidence;
  • Feeding Confidence;
  • Relaxation Time
  • ParentIdentity
  • Sibling Harmony
  • Life with Baby Confidence

Tots Who can Experiences

Our Tots Who Can experiences, for children aged 1-5 and their grown ups are designed to ignite awe and wonder in little minds. Tots Who Can aims to inspire young adventurers to develop their imaginations through hands on practical explorations in beautiful outdoor settings.

In planning all of our learning experiences, we pride ourselves in a ‘together we can’ approach with confidence, harmony, inclusivity and fun at its core.

Children Who Can

Indoor and outdoor learning experiences for Schools, Early Years settings and home educators across Yorkshire and the UK

Children Who Can works with primary schools, early years settings and families to provide engaging and exciting learning experiences for children aged one to twelve. Our children’s workshops help children to learn alongside others, think for themselves and make healthy choices.

Our Tailor-Made Experiences

Our bespoke children’s workshops are designed by highly experienced educators to engage children in exciting and memorable experiences. During the course of the session, children will use their creativity and problem-solving skills to create exciting outcomes, learn new skills or master existing ones and make new friends as they work together with other children either in your school or in one of our wonderful woodland settings.

Children Who Can Experiences are Designed to Help Children:

  • Problem-Solve – Our child-led outdoor learning activities encourage children to think for themselves and solve problems posed to them in order to enjoy a successful outcome, whether that’s building a birdhouse, preparing a tasty meal to take home or creating a delightful decoration to give to their parents.
  • Create Exciting Outcomes – A Children Who Can Workshop puts the children firmly at the heart of the activities. They create their own learning and discover the delight of a successful outcome from their own effort.
  • Prepare Healthy Food Using Vegetables – We teach children useful cooking and food preparation skills so they can understand the nutritional value and delicious enjoyment of eating fresh-from-the-ground veg they’ve picked with their own hands. Once the food is prepared, the children take it home to share with their families.
  • Make New Friends – Children will be collaborating and working together in our beautiful outdoor setting, which naturally encourages friendships to develop and gives each child the chance to improve their social, listening and emotional management skills.
  • Develop Life Skills – Our workshops for children are designed to help children from two to twelve develop essential life skills, from communication, relationship building and self-reliance to speaking and practical hands-on life skills like cooking, food preparation and survival.
  • Build Confidence and Self-Esteem – As children start to create their own learning experiences, take responsibility for the outcome of their actions and develop strategies to ensure successful completion of tasks, they naturally grow in confidence and self-esteem, which is further enhanced by our supportive, encouraging approach to development.
  • Harness Leadership Skills – Working in groups to problem-solve and create successful outcomes, children will naturally learn to delegate, take ownership, communicate and support one another, developing their leadership skills in a supportive, exciting and dynamic setting.

Children Who Can experiences are based on the CWC Way, our innovative and highly rated approach to the primary curriculum. Our problem-solving-based approach to teaching and learning is unlike any other – the teacher provides imaginative opportunities in the form of missions, challenges and problems, and the children lead their own learning experience. Children develop ownership of their enterprise through collaborative planning, designed to investigate and solve the mission, while the teacher facilitates work on real-life situations and enterprise.

As well as children’s workshops, we also provide a wide range of Off-Grid experiences, after school workshops and school holiday activities in and around Yorkshire. Come and join us for our Off-Grid Halloween, Christmas, Easter or summer holiday events deep in the woodlands.

In School Experiences

We offer a progressive series of school/nursery-based sessions to engage children in unique indoor and outdoor learning experiences, which develop life skills, whilst also enhancing the school/setting outdoor space.

We offer a free consultation, either in person or via telephone, to ensure we can meet each school’s/setting’s requirements.

Experiences include: food preparation, art and craft with natural materials, team games, music, design and technology and bushcraft. Children are encouraged to:

  • think for themselves;
  • question the world;
  • create their own learning;
  • take time to explore;
  • use their imagination;
  • develop life skills;
  • learn alongside others;
  • understand and manage their emotions;
  • have aspirational goals.

CWC Curriculum Days

Let us come to your school and work with your children, offering pre-planned and delivered CWC mission- based experiences. These exciting and challenging days not only offer valuable continuous professional development for your teachers, but also engage your children in problem solving and higher order thinking. The CWC approach will enable pupils to developing deep understanding through working collaboratively to generate new knowledge, constructing explanations and draw conclusions.

After School Experiences

Our after school experiences are bursting with opportunities to develop new skills. As teachers help children return from lockdown and re-engage at school, outdoor learning, bushcraft, creating with natural materials, dance, healthy food preparation and multicultural experiences can all be very powerful tools.  Now more than ever, connection, concentration, communication and working together are fundamental to every child. Children Who Can are offering a range of experiences to help children rebuild their sense of community, reconnect and have fun together.

Our after school experiences run from the end of the school day for an hour or an hour and a half depending on the venue.  We usually provide a block of experiences to span a half term.