Creative and unique approaches to learning - Exciting and memorable childhood experiences


Children Who Can work with children and educators to provide a bespoke approach to learning through consultation with primary schools and tailor-made workshops for children.

Consultation With Educators

We work with a wide range of schools and educators to develop a creative and unique approach to learning, which ensures that children:

  • think for themselves;

  • question the world;

  • create their own learning;

  • take time to explore;

  • use their imagination;

  • develop life skills;

  • learn alongside others

  • understand and manage their emotions;

  • have aspirational goals.


Tailor-Made Children’s Workshops


Workshops are designed by our teachers to engage children in exciting and memorable childhood experiences.


  • problem solve;

  • create exciting outcomes;learn new skills and master existing skills;

  • prepare healthy food using vegetables;

  • make new friends and work with others in an outdoor setting;

  • develop life skills;

  • build confidence and self-esteem;

  • harness leadership skills.


Consultation With Educators

Developing intent – Meeting the needs of the children, the school and families

Implementing the approach – The CWC Way

Supporting planning – Working with teachers and children

Measuring Impact – Reflecting on success


My 3 have just had the best time at their holiday ‘off grid’ experience. Went in smiling and came out beaming with lots of stories to tell me. Thank you so much for giving them a wonderful day. They can’t wait to book on it again. Looking forward to our wedges for tea too, they smell really good.

Kelsey Pate

Hull, E. Yorks

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